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Gdiabetes is software based in GTK+ (Gimp toolkit) and designed for diabetics using Linux

Having been recently diagnosed as a Type II diabetic, I looked for software to help me keep track of the information my doctor, and I found a good web-based program from Therasense, but I didn't like a few of the features, and I didn't want my data on a server somewhere else, if I could avoid it.  Then I started to search SourceForge and found KPumpe.  Great program, but it uses Qt3, and i like GTK+ software, plus I wanted to be able to e-mail results to my doctor and nutritionist. so I decided to write my own software using GTK+.

Since I am just learning GTK+ and C/C++, if anyone would be willing to code for the project, please e-mail and let me know what you can do.

Kris Gainsforth
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